A year-round hunting opportunity for free-range or game ranch animals.

All Exotics hunts take place near Kerrville Texas, which has long been known as the birthplace of Exotics hunting. With the YO ranch being one of the best known of all game ranches, many of the hunts we offer take place near this historic ranch, putting you in the middle of excellent exotic hunting. We hunt many different ranches and are able to cater your hunt to your needs and game wants. Over the years many exotics have escaped and are found free-ranging on large cattle ranches.

Two of the best free-ranging hunts are for Blackbuck Antelope and Axis deer. Blackbuck is best hunted in the fall and winter months when they are in their full Black color phase. Axis deer on the other hand are best hunted in late May to mid June and most are coming out of velvet and going into the "roar" or rut. During the rut, these deer will call similar to the way Elk call, but the sound is very different.

Make your flight arrangements into San Antonio where you will need to rent a car and make the hour and a half drive to the ranch. Directions will be sent to you in advance of your hunt along with a Hunter Information Sheet for you to fill out and return. The information sheet will be used to pick up your license and have in camp when you arrive.      

Lodging will be taken on the ranch. We will supply all bedding and bath towels. For most hunts, two and a half days of hunting is plenty of time. If a hunter wishes to collect several species of game, more days can be added at no charge. We do not charge a daily rate, guide fee, lodging fee, or sliding kill fee (which is dependant on the trophy quality). Keep this in mind when comparing our exotic hunts to others.  

Exotics available are:

Addax                         Game Ranch
Aoudad                       Free ranging and game ranch in New Mexico and Texas
Axis Deer                    Free ranging and game ranch
Blackbuck                   Free ranging and game ranch
Buffalo                        Free ranging working cattle ranch in New Mexico and  
                                        Texas and Game Ranch Texas
Catalina                      Game ranch
Corsican                     Game ranch
Dybowski Sika            Game ranch
Elk                              Free ranging and Game ranch in New Mexico and Texas
Fallow Deer                Game ranch
Four Horn Sheep        Game ranch
Gemsbok  Oryx           Game ranch in Texas: Free ranging New Mexico
Impala                         Game ranch
Mouflon                      Game ranch
Red Lechwe                Game ranch
Scimitar Horned Oryx  Game ranch
Texas Dall                  Game ranch
Russian Boar              Game ranch
Ibex                             Free ranging New Mexico

If you do not see the exotic game listed you are looking for,
call and we will find it.

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