Free Ranging West Texas Aoudad

Aoudad season is open year-round, however we hunt Aoudad the day after Thanksgiving until March 31. Pick 4 hunt days.

All Aoudad are free ranging on working cattle ranches. 

Aoudads were introduced in west Texas in the 60’s, they have adapted well and some would say too well. They offer a great hunt after most of the seasons have closed thought out the west. With no draw and an over-the-counter license, last minute hunts can be put together. For hunters living in snow covered cold country, counting the days for spring turkey season, the Aoudad hunt offers a challenging warm winter hunt.

Texas  Aoudad
West Texas will be the location of your hunt, near the town of Marfa in the Chinati Mountains. Make your flight arrangements into El Paso or Midland Texas. Drive time from either city is about 2 /12 hours. We will be staying on the ranch at what was once a cowboy camp. Lodging is not fancy, but is clean and dry with a hot shower and flush toilets with power provided by a generator. The generator is turned off in the evening making for a very quite camp. Included with your hunt are meals, lodging and guides. One-on-one hunt can be had for an extra fee. Your hunt will be four full hunting days.

Game To Be Taken
One Aoudad ram, one javelina, varmints and feral hogs. Since Aoudad can be hunted year round, the Aoudad hunt can be combined with whitetail, mule deer and antelope. When combining with any of these three the $315 license is required. Every effort is made to take rams larger than 27 inches, with most rams taken between 28 ½  to 30 ½. Hunter success is high with most years having 100% success.   

How Far is the Ranch?
Once to Marfa, it is another hour and a half to the ranch. 
El Paso Airport to Marfa: 190 Miles
Midland/Odessa Airport to Marfa: 183 miles

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